Saturday, July 28, 2007

AHF Projects

Since I'm blogging about some of AHF's various projects, I wanted to provide an overview and a message from AHF's chairman about their mission...

The American Himalayan Foundation provides vital health care, education, cultural and environmental preservation in the Himalayan region. They support and fund projects directly, as well as joining with other organizations in larger, cooperative endeavors. In all cases, AHF projects involve local commitment and community participation.
A Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends,

AHF takes care of 15,000 people every year throughout the Himalayas: poor children, young girls at risk, Tibetan elders, refugees. These are vulnerable people; they do really need help and, in most cases, have nowhere else to turn.

We're involved in more than 120 projects now, and all of them produce the kind of tangible results that really help people in the Himalayas. Children are healed; elders have shelter and a community; schools are built and refugees find hope in a new land.

As part of the AHF family, you make it possible; your compassion and generosity have answered many prayers. Please join with us to continue the work that so many Himalayan people rely on.

Thank you from all of us.

Best personal regards,

Richard C. Blum

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