Saturday, July 28, 2007

Survey Says...!

Hey, all!
I just added a poll... it's at the bottom of the right-hand column. I've been wanting to play with this new blogger widget since it was unveiled, and now's as good a time as any! I may do more of them tonight, if I remain conscious, lucid and more or less upright (a tall order at this point!)

Tell ya what, though... cayenne on popcorn accidently snorted up the nose? VERY effective remedy for drowsiness! Ow.


Bella said...

OUCH to the Cayanne pepper!! yowza

Laloofah said...

You ain't kiddin'. I've taken some pretty good wasabi-vapor hits up the sinuses, but I think cayenne pepper up the nose might just have it beat on the ouch-o-meter!

Thanks for all your comments, Bella! I'm enjoying them! :-)