Saturday, July 28, 2007

Let the games begin!

good morning coffee
Oh, if ONLY I'd gotten a better night's sleep last night! This should be interesting... I'm going to attempt to do this on very little caffeine, too!

I don't seem to have a monitor assigned to me, or if I do they are in the federal witness protection program or something, because I've not heard a peep! Guess I'm on the honor system! So I shall try to be honorable. :-)

I'm a bit lost, really... there are a few things I've yet to figure out or be completely sure of. It's my first blogathon and I've only been blogging since last month. But to paraphrase a quote by Ray Bradbury, I'll be jumping off the cliff and building my wings on the way down!

As I said before, I plan to blog about my charity, the American Himalayan Foundation and some of the work they do, about the Himalayan region, and about completely arbitrary stuff. What I'm looking at out my window, how cute my dogs are being, how crappy I'm feeling... up close and personal "getting to know your blogger" stuff. :-) So, wish me luck! And please sponsor me if you haven't already! And if you have, THANK YOU!!!!


rift said...

:) I couldn't sleep either! Too Excited! laughs!

Apparently monitors will let themselves be known, eventually! They know who we are, but will have a bunch of blogs to check, and they are blogging as well!


Bella said...

Good Morning, Let me introduce myself, I am Bella .. your monitor for the blogathon. I will be with you for the next 24 hours. Sorry I was out of touch, just got my monitoring assignments last night. But I am looking forward to playing along here.

Laloofah said...

Hi, Bella! Oh thank goodness, I was feeling adrift! (And perilously without adult supervision! LOL!) Nice to meet you! Good luck... I can imagine your task won't be an easy one, but I hope it's fun!

Thanks for the comment, rift! Let's hope our recent propensity for insomnia won't desert us tonight, eh? :-)