Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lucky Guinea Pig! ;-)

guinea pig
(Check it out, rift! I may not have a blogging talisman, but at least I now have a guinea pig to guard my posts with powerful guinea pig booga-booga! LOL!)

Please Sponsor me, peeps, or my posts will get increasingly silly and irrelevant. (You've been warned!)


Bella said...

LOve the guinea pig ... what's his name?

Laloofah said...

His name is Mojo Von Munchbutt III.

(A name I never would have come up with had I not been blogging for 9.5 hours straight, believe me!) ;-)

jenniek said...

Ooh so cute!!!! Love him :)

rift said...

haha! Thanks for the link Laloofah! You are doing an awesome job, talking about AHF and all the pics and stuff!