Saturday, July 28, 2007

AHF Project: Friends of Shanta Bhawan Clinic

From the AHF web site...
Good care for pennies
Friends of Shanta Bhawan Clinic, Kathmandu

Taking care of an average of 13,000 patients a month is no easy task, but the staff at the Shanta Bhawan Clinic in Kathmandu is good at it. Very good in fact - the Clinic received the Daxya Gold Medal in recognition of their outstanding work treating tuberculosis patients. Almost all outpatient medical needs can be met here plus: immunizations, TB care, family planning, and pre-and post-natal care for mothers and children. Last year over 16,000 infants were vaccinated - a new record!

Director Luke Sunde, world's youngest octogenarian, has dedicated his retirement to running the clinic, and to making good care affordable for the poorest Nepalis and Tibetans, often refugees, in Kathmandu. Everything is on a sliding scale and the registration fee just 14 cents. Luke has led the clinic for 25 years, mentoring and coaching his 29 person staff. Most of the staff have been at FSB for so long they know many of their patients by name (which becomes more impressive when you realize they see 156,000 patients a year!)

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