Saturday, July 28, 2007

AHF Project: Mustang Day Care

(Photo copyright American Himalayan Foundation, used with permission)
A group of happy kids at a day care center in Mustang (AHF-supported day cares provide a safe and educational environment for kids while their parents work in the fields)

The kingdom of Lo, or Mustang, politically part of Nepal but culturally and geographically Tibetan, is home to 6,000 Lobas. Most of them trade in the winter and practice subsistence agriculture the rest of the year - which means long days in the fields. Parents have, until now, been faced with the difficult choice of taking along babies and young children with them into the fields or leaving them at home unattended - neither a safe option. In one village, four children were lost in the river in one year.

With the AHF's help, eight villages have set up day care centers where a total of 270 children have a secure, healthy place to stay and play. They are also learning to read and count in three languages (including Tibetan, not taught in the local government school) and will proudly show off their singing and dancing abilities to their grateful parents - or to anyone who asks!
(I love that they're learning the Tibetan language!)

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Bella said...

They look so sweet, I can't imagine learning .. let alone teaching those little ones 3 languages