Saturday, July 28, 2007

AHF's Environmental Projects

The environment and animals, two subjects near and dear to me!

From the AHF web site...
Himalayan ecology is as fragile as it is dramatically beautiful. And it is under intense pressure. The AHF combats environmental degradation by planting trees (almost 2 million so far), supporting sustainable agriculture, and building new water systems - for both people and imperiled animals.
Two such imperiled animals the AHF works to save are the tiger and the snow leopard, and I'll be posting about them in more detail in the many half-hours to come! :-) But for now, won't you please visit Care 2's Race for the Big Cats and click on either the Tiger or Snow Leopard? One click a day, every day, adds up to a big difference for these beautiful, majestic, irreplaceable animals! Thank you!


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