Saturday, July 28, 2007


I'm not sure if "futzing" is an accepted word or not, or something my addled brain just came up with, but it seems to fit what little Ms. Perfectionist, your humble blogger, has been doing with her blog in the last 30 minutes. So I've frittered away my time and therefore this post is a bit, o shall we say, fluffy.

But here's a bit of gravitas for you... I want to send out some sincere thank yous!

To Dan Gaff at the AHF for all of his support, assistance, and the splendid photos you'll be seeing...

To my husband for the breakfast of fresh cantaloupe, for doing the morning chores all by his lonesome, and for the wonderful neck and shoulder rubs (okay, those haven't actually manifested themselves yet, but I'm putting it out there to the Universe!) ;-)

To my generous sponsors for their faith and cold, hard (and hard-earned) cash,

To my fellow bloggers who are somehow finding the time to leave me their delightful comments of "sisters-in-arms" support!

And to my monitor, Bella, who so far hasn't disqualified me. :-)


Bella said...

You are doing fantastic!!
Keep up the good work

rift said...

Whee! We are having fun! Fluffiness makes the blog go 'round! For another half hour at least. ;)