Saturday, July 28, 2007

AHF Project: Lingshed Healthcare

From the AHF web site...
Healthcare, Tibetan Style
Lingshed, Ladakh

Lingshed is a high and remote valley in Ladakh. The eight villages in Lingshed Valley have no roads, hospitals or post offices and during the winter months, the passes are closed with snow, keeping the villagers in isolation. Six years ago AHF met Geshe Ngawang Jangchup, who was looking for a way to train local amchiis (traditional Tibetan medical doctors) so health care would be available to villagers year round. AHF said yes, and offered salaries for Tibetan doctors and scholarships for students.

In these six years, the health of the villagers has improved dramatically. We continue to help - with salaries for doctors who run a local clinic and funds to train more students. We helped to build a kitchen for the clinic so the newly trained amchiis can hold health workshops and seminars. We also purchased textbooks and a machine to grind traditional medicine. Mothers have the help they need when it's time to give birth and the very young and old can get medical attention when they most need it. A little help goes a long way here.

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