Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Himalaya & My How Time Flies!

I would like to begin this post with the pithy observation that 30 minutes goes by WAY too fast (and my computer seems to be WAY too sluggish) when one is trying to conduct research, compose posts, visit and comment on other blogs... and figure out how to eat breakfast and tend to other, shall we say, bodily needs? (Sorry, TMI? LOL!)

Okay, end of whining. I'll hit my stride eventually!

I decided to spend the first few posts orienting all of us a bit to the Himalayan region, before talking about the AHF and things they're doing there, and about aspects of the Himalaya in more depth.

So here's a definition of the Himalaya that I shamelessly plucked (& edited) from Wikipedia, so heaven only knows if it's accurate. (It looks right to my sleep-matted eyes and sleep-deprived brain, for what that's worth!)
The Himalaya is a mountain range in Asia, separating the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. By extension, it is also the name of the massive mountain system which includes the Himalaya proper, the Karakoram, the Hindu Kush, and a host of minor ranges extending from the Pamir Knot. The name is from Sanskrit himālaya, meaning "the abode of snow."

Together, the Himalaya mountain range is the highest on earth and is often referred to culturally as the "roof of the world". The range is home to the world's highest peaks, including Mount Everest.

The Himalayas stretch across six nations: Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is the source of three of the world's major river systems, the Indus Basin, the Ganga-Brahmaputra Basin and the Yangtze Basin.
Back with more on the Himalaya in 30 minutes! (EEK!)


jenniek said...

I know exactly what you mean when you say that thirty minutes just isn't enough time. This is the first chance that I've had to visit anyone else since this all started! LOL You're doing great, though. Hang in there -- only twenty-two more hours to go.

Oh God, I can't believe I just said "only" and "twenty-two hours" in the same sentence. Don't worry, I'm smacking myself upside the head on your behalf.

Laloofah said...

LOL!! Thanks for the proxy head-smackin's! I think it's safe to say you haven't lost your sense of humor in the least! :-D