Saturday, July 28, 2007

Inspire Me! Sponsor Me!

Let's check in on the ol' blogging bod, shall we?

1) Wrists sore, check.
2) Shoulders burning, check.
3) Fingers stiff, check.
4) Eyeballs straining, check.
5) Eyelids drooping, check.
6) Neck aching, check.
7) Brain fog, check.
8) Full bladder, check.
9) Blood pooling in butt, check.
10) Dogs and husband lookin' at me funny, check.

And there are still... oh, it pains me greatly to say it, 17 1/2 hours to go! (OMG).

So I'm putting myself through all this for the AHF... can't YOU at least SPONSOR me? Come on, five bucks? Just five lousy bucks? The blood pooling in my butt should be worth at least that much! (Seriously, this is harder than it looks, kids!)

Thank you. :-)


Bella said...

I've got 1 - 10 ... I can only imagine what my butt will feel like at 9pm

Laloofah said...

I hear ya! And what about our 3 a.m. butts? Those'll be in a sorry state!