Saturday, July 28, 2007

AHF Project: Saving Tigers

This is one of AHF's collaborative projects. They work with Fund for the Tiger, a small group with big influence that's fighting to keep the tiger from disappearing forever from the jungles of Nepal and India. Using an intricate network of informants, anti-poaching units, armed forest guards and the lovely elephant Sonakali, Fund for the Tiger has kept poaching losses at a minimum even as the political situation in Nepal has wreaked havoc on wildlife conservation.

AHF has partnered with The Fund for the Tiger for the last eleven years, focusing on patrols in Royal Chitwan National Park and Royal Sukla Phanta Wildife Reserve. The tiger is critically endangered and this work is now more important than ever.
A photo of a Tiger sleeping peacefully. For years AHF has supported anti-poaching efforts to preserve this threatened species. Fortunately, the only thing shooting this tiger is a camera!
Photo copyright American Himalayan Foundation, used with permission.

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